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Mocca Master Thermo Brewer 40 ounce capacity brewer w/thermo

This handmade brewer from Holland is both functional and beautiful. You can expect years of trouble free perfect coffee with this legendary brewer. The Mocca Master is built like a commercial brewer with a body made of metal. Although it is costly, it represents value and is certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America. The 1400 watt heater will quietly brew a full pot in just over 5 minutes. The substantial water heater inside delivers water at the proper 200 degree brewing temperature. Because the water arrives quickly all the grounds get wet resulting in better extraction. The Mocha Master brews directly into an attractive 40 ounce vacuum carafe. It uses a #4 or #6 cone shaped filter paper. This modern work of art is equipped with a stainless steel shower head which aids in even water distribution. There is a removable filter cover which can be placed over the shower head.

This brewer has some unique features. There is a 3 position slide valve at the base of the filter cone: off, one half open and fully open. This valve makes it possible to turn off the coffee flow at the bottom of the filter basket stopping it from dripping the last few drops as the thermo carafe is removed. By slowing the flow to ˝ speed a longer coffee to water contact time is achieved. This feature is useful if you wish to brew just a couple cups. This slide valve can lead to some unexpected consequences. It is possible to accidentally slide the valve into the “OFF” position, or more likely, to forget to open the valve when brewing your next pot. If you happen to make that mistake, once the filter cone is full of hot water, the water and coffee grounds will seep over the top of the filter. So if you forget to open the valve, once you have closed it, a rather large mess may result.

If you like coffee very, very strong, this brewer may require some attention while brewing. Because the flow of water is significantly faster than most home units, over filling the #4 filter with coffee, or using a too finely ground coffee may result in water entering the filter cone faster than it can leave. This is the opposite problem most home brewers have. Home brewers typically deliver water so slowly that edges of the grounds may not even get wet. Freshly roasted coffee also tends to get foamy and expand when brewed so I discovered using a #6 filter paper with this brewer works better for me. The #6 filter paper is taller and actually extends slightly above the filter cone. The cover for the grounds can still be placed over the grounds with a #6 filter paper.

This very cool brewer has one feature which will make any coffee fanatic jump out of bed each morning just to get the excitement started. I need to be involved with my coffee and the Mocca Master satisfies my need for involvement that previously only Chemex brewers could satisfy. With this brewer it is easy to stir the grounds making sure a more perfect extraction is delivered. By simply lifting off the filter cover the brewing process is fully reveled. The Mocca Master delivers enough hot water allowing stirring of grounds and water within the first minute. If you wish to speed up this stirring ritual simply turn off the coffee valve at the bottom of the filter, gently stir the grounds and water with a rounded spoon and then slide open the valve allowing the carafe to fill. A taller #6 filter paper provides more room for easier stirring. If you do not require interaction with your coffee grounds, the Mocca Master will, without any assistance, deliver a perfect pot of coffee. But then how could you pass up all that fun, excitement and aroma?

Because of the slide valve at the bottom of the filter cone, it is possible to brew a satisfying single cup of coffee. Pour the amount of water you wish to brew into the reservoir, and put 2 slightly heaping tablespoons of coffee into the filter cone. Turn off the water flow valve at the bottom of the filter, and allow the coffee and 200 degree water to mingle for a minute or two and then open the valve and enjoy one spectacular cup of coffee.

This brewer is environmentally friendly in a 2 ways. This brewer does not hold water at a brewing temperature in a tank, it heats water as it brews so there is no wasted energy keeping a tank of water hot 24 hours a day. After the coffee is brewed, there is no warming plate and no energy draw. The Mocha Master is also green because you can expect years of service from the unit. When brewing, you can see the hot water as it is pumped to the shower head through a visible insulated glass tube. If this glass tube begins to cloud up with minerals, then it’s time to de-scale the brewer. To de-scale the brewer simply brew a pot or two of white vinegar followed by 2 pots of water to remove any possible vinegar flavor.

The Mocca Master is a 40 ounce brewer; that’s 4 large 10oz mugs or 5 normal 8oz cups of coffee. Commercial brewers make 64 ounces or 6 big mugs or 8 normal cups of coffee. We recommend installing our water filter or a Reverse Osmosis unit if your local water has a heavy mineral content or if it has an unpleasant taste. The very affordable Britta Water Filter System removes bad taste and odor from tap water. The Britta does not however reduce the mineral content in water.

Please check the dimensions of the unit before ordering since it may be taller than your current brewer. 15” tall and 5” wide. 1400 watts. 13 amps. The retail price of this product is $305.00. Our price of $285.00 and includes one free 5 pound bag of coffee. Please indicate which coffee variety you would like, and if you prefer whole bean or filter grind.
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