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Bodum Antigua Coffee Mill

This coffee mill represents a real value. I use it everyday, and love it. Bodum spent a lot of time and research developing a coffee mill rivaling the grinding qualities of large industrial roller-mills. The blades are very sharp hand-forged steel. This German-made grinder is geared to turn at a slower rate thereby not "burning" the coffee beans as they are cut into tiny pieces. The unit has a powerful 160 watt motor. The coffee hopper holds one pound of coffee and has an air-tight lid. This grinder can go from course plunger pot grind to a very nice espresso. If espresso if your thing, the Braun KMM 30 offers a better selection of very fine grinds. If filter coffee or plunger pot is your brewing method of choice, then this Bodum Mill is the perfect grinder. I know that this grinder is expensive, but I would pay the full $ 120.00 retail price for this unit myself, if I had to, it's just plain "worth it". There are many things on which you could spend $ 95.00 that would be less pleasing than the years of service this mill should bring to you. 8" X 10 " tall Black color 160 Watt motor Large air-tight bean holder Adjustable very-fine to coast settings Quieter than other coffee mills