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French Roast

Most coffee roasters use cheaper beans to make their dark roasts. They believe that the darker roast will hide the flaws inherent in a lesser coffees. We think that logic is flawed. We use our best coffees, the same beans from Costa Rica and Sumatra that go into our House Blend. This 70% Costa Rican Tarrazu and 30% Sumatra blend comes out dark and not burned. Both beans used here are very hard and take the extended roast and heat without developing burned nuances. We roast these beans slowly in our vintage 1961 Probat drum roaster until they smoke gently, bringing out the sweetness in the beans. They glisten with a slight coat of oil developed by the Deep Roast. Our French Roast makes a simple, sweet straightforward cup of coffee; perhaps thatís why itís our most popular variety. The same blends of coffees are also available in lighter roasts: Euro Roast House Blend, Vienna Roast and Smart Set.
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