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Neapolitan Espresso

Espresso is one thing American roasters have really screwed up. The coffee experts of Seattle and Berkeley roast espresso beyond recognition (well maybe not just espresso) and consequently now “bitter and burned” is what passes for espresso here. If the Italians know anything about coffee, it’s what the roast color of espresso should be. Our award-winning Neapolitan Espresso® is a bit of a compromise in roast color. It is slightly darker than an espresso found in Rome. It makes a perfectly creamy short espresso and it stands up to milk in a cappuccino or latte. We use no Robusta beans in this, or in any coffee we sell.

If you visit Rome you should certainly visit the Pantheon. Within a short block to the left of the Pantheon you will find Tazza D'Oro, my choice as the best espresso in the world. They also make a “granita di caffè” which is sweetened espresso ice sheets constantly stirred topped with fresh unsweetened whipped cream. Start with an espresso and finish with the “granita di caffè”.
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