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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Ethiopia is often credited with being the birthplace of coffee. We like many of their coffees. Ethiopian coffee quality does vary greatly from one lot to another. We only buy these coffees from actual lot samples and no “type samples” are ever trusted. We look for a distinctive floral bouquet and matching aroma, an interesting cup with a clean, sweet finish, with no sour notes. In certain sample lots hints of candied lemon will be present, at other times, an even more delicate orange-blossom notes can be found. In some years this coffee is better than others, but so far each year, we find sufficient quantities to roast and blend with. Yirgacheffe’s are the best grade of washed coffee from Ethiopia. Unlike the dry processed Ethiopian Harrars and the famous Mochas from neighboring Yemen, Yirgacheffe’s are clean, elegant and delicately fragrant. These are fully washed coffees that become sweeter and cleaner by the wet milling process.
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