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Organic Sumatra Mandehling

Coffees from Sumatra are not about perfect sort and bean size. This coffee does not look like jewelry, but it sure delivers in the cup. This coffee is interesting, complex, and has some rough qualities. About 95% of the coffees exported from Sumatra are drinkable interesting and earthy coffees. There are enough broad flavors and earthy notes to hide many subtle defects. The other 5% of the crop can be spectacular and yet keep all those other “Sumatra” qualities. We are always willing to pay extra for those containers that represent the best.

We only buy certified organic Sumatra’s. Most Sumatra’s are “almost” organic as a byproduct of primitive agriculture. We kept finding that organic Sumatra’s more often possessed the qualities we were looking for so now we do a “cattle call” and sample 25 or 30 lots of Sumatra to find the one lot which stands out. We have many regular customers who only drink this variety. It is naturally low in acid and yet if has a huge cup quality. I think all the coffees we roast have something to offer and everyone should buy a pound of this just to reset your taste buds from time to time.
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